June 18-19 Izzy Workshops


We are so excited to welcome Isidora Hart back to Memphis for two workshops in June!

To register, click here: Izzy Workshop Registration FINAL (PDF) or Izzy Workshop Registration Final (WORD) and email to Valentina at graceflowyoga@aol.com or by phone (901) 262-5202.

Notice that “Completed form and payment must be received by May 28 for discounted pricing. Registrations are nonrefundable. “

Workshop Descriptions


The Elements we will be working with:

–Earth/Wood –Air/Space/Void –Fire –Water –Metal –Collaboration

Customarily a 6 hour intensive, this overview of Dancing the Elements will focus primarily on the physical components of musicality, expression, creation, and stylization. Each Element comprises a different type of movement theory. Some have attack, some use suspension, some are mechanical-based using biology and physics, others are muscular-based. Each movement theory initiates from a different place in the body–the breath, the limbs, the core, etc.

In contrast to left-brained technique and drills, this series is an exploration into using what you already know, who you already are, and fearlessly playing with toys that are not your forte. In this way, our paint palettes become so much more vivid, and make our natural Elements that much richer and deeper.

Level: Open PLEASE NOTE: no basic belly dance technique will be taught

PLEASE BRING: –Kneepads if you need them for working on the floor –One veil – preferably silk (some loaners available) –A coin belt


The workshop will begin with a brief overview of fire safety. Then we will learn a dance to “Pachyderm Picnic” by Brent Lewis that can be performed with votive candles, hand lamps or hand-held LEDs. As requested, this piece will have a Cleopatra/Pharaonic flair, and will include options for spacing shifts and cascades suitable for troupes.

Level: Open PLEASE NOTE:

–no basic belly dance technique will be taught

–we will not be learning the dance with live fire


–a set of candle holders or hand-held LED lights that can be easily manipulated in the palm and will not shatter if they are dropped

–knee pads if you wish to partake in the floor work options (not required)




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